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The Coupons, discounts and offers app for your business!

Greenee is the digital platform that helps you reach your customers by giving your business a place to publish any coupons, discounts or offers that may be available at your points of sale.



Coupons, discounts and offers have always been a great way to improve customer retention and acquisition and consequently increase revenue but, due to a lack of reach and exposure, they never achieve their full potential.

  • Online presence

    67% of consumers look for discounts from their favorite stores online. Meet them halfway with our platform and increase your business's visibility in the digital world.

  • Customer loyalty

    82% of consumers have a positive opinion of stores that offer coupons or discounts. Take care of those who value your business and reward them with your discounts.

  • Sales boost

    77% of consumers spend $10 to $50 more than intended when using a coupon. Get your coupons into the hands of all potential customers and increase your sales.



Each business has different requirements and, with that in mind, we try to meet them with intuitive functionalities.

  • Profile

    Create a personalized profile tailored to your business, add all points of sale so that your followers have first-hand access when you launch a campaign.

  • Campaigns

    Publish your campaigns, be it a simple discount or a QR code coupon, describe in detail what you offer, define the duration and add photos.

  • Internationalization

    All your campaigns are automatically translated into multiple languages so anyone can learn about them without you having to worry about it.

  • Performance reports

    Get detailed reports about your business to track the performance and progress of each campaign and draw valuable conclusions.

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    Market analysis

    We provide you with market research based on the category and location of your business so that you are aware of the demand and that way you can launch the ideal campaign.

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    Integrations with multiple software and APIs that allow you to build custom solutions to make your work easier and faster.

Use cases

Use cases

As we are a platform built in detail, we are able to offer tools that meet the needs of the market and your company's infrastructure.

  • Physical businesses

    Whether you offer services or products, you can take advantage of our tools to reach potential consumers in your city, regardless of language.

  • Online stores

    No matter what kind of products you sell in your online store, we help your campaigns reach as many users as possible.

  • Pop-up shops

    Do you have a business that is constantly on the move? Keeping your customers up to date on your location is critical and we help address that requirement.